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Note: also "resolves" to this site, so it's easy to remember!
Also, see photos of the St. Maarten Yacht Club's March 17th celebration of Brec's return.
The ceremonial "Tossing of the 'Voyage-End Dock Lines'" went off as planned at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 17th.
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Brother John has compiled the Reports available on this site into a single, published volume.

Originally this was done to allow family and friends attending the Homecoming Celebrations to have all of the e-mailed segments in a single place, rather than in a series of file folders.

It also allowed us to use the photo below on the front cover -- it was taken by a fellow sailor almost exactly a year after leaving a cold, gray Block Island behind -- and to show two dozen small images of Brec's watercolors depicting scenes from his first year's travels on the back cover.

October 2003 Update: the Compiled Reports now include the "rest of the story," from New Zealand back around to Block Island. Also, there is a new section on trip preparations and outfitting! 

Brec as "King Brec," King of North Minerva reef - 400 miles from land in the South Pacific. Read about it in "Report Eighteen: Passage from Tonga to New Zealand."
(Note the shoaling of the Pacific on the horizon where the reef rises just above the level of the sheltered lagoon.)

Photo courtesy of Debbie & Charlie Guildner, taken from the deck of SV Attitude.
(Please credit if used.)

But there has been such a demand for additional copies that we have made some available for purchase through this site.

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