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Also, see photos of the St. Maarten Yacht Club's March 17th celebration of Brec's return.
The ceremonial "Tossing of the 'Voyage-End Dock Lines'" went off as planned at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 17th.
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Below are thirty watercolors Brec created of his trip. These represent scenes from St. George, Bermuda to Tahiti's beaches.
Click to enlarge.

St. George Harbor

Jost van Dyke Great Harbour-JvD MethodistChurch-JvD Hank's Poop Deck-Tortola
Marina Cay Restaurant - Tortola

Jan Hanley's-St. Croix

Otter at anchor Passage to Aruba Aruba wharf
Panama - Pacific Side Malpelo Island Crossing the Pacific Galapagos -- Santa Fe from Academy Bay Galapagos -- Baltra Island from Santa Cruz
South Pacific Seascape Squid South Pacific Sunset Flying Fish in cockpit Fertilizer ships at sea
Marquesas -- Fatu Hiva Fatu Hiva & moonlight Fatu Hiva - Bay of Virgins Otter in Bay of Virgins Dinner -- Marquesas
Leaving Ua Pou -- Marquesas Under Way Tahiti - dawn approach Harbor entrance Tahiti -- Papeete

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